Kaisz is the foundation for very rare autoinflammatory diseases. We call this KAISZ disorder for the sake of convenience.

About Kaisz


KAISZ has listed various disorders. On these pages, you will find additional information about, for example, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Different Autoinflammatory diseases


This offers people the opportunity to search for information about their illness and to become familiar with it.


KAISZ Foundation

The KAISZ Foundation is a national foundation with a small board. This requires a lot of mutual understanding and good communication in collaboration. All board members have their own limitations and obligations, which means that it can sometimes be difficult to keep an overview, but also to keep an eye on all the activities that must be done within the association.

The foundation considers it very important that the information is medically correct and up-to-date. We have a collaboration with NVKR (Dutch Association of Pediatric Rheumatology) and with the IWA (Interuniversity Working Group on Autoinflammatory Diseases).

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